Dariush Derakhshani

Dariush Derakhshani is a VFX and CG supervisor in Los Angeles, Ca. and an award-winning CG generalist-lighter on commercials and feature films for over 20 years at such places as Digital Domain, Pixomondo, Zoic Studios, Radium|ReelFX, Café FX, Rhythm and Hues, and Sight Effects. He is the author of several 3ds Max and Maya books, and has been an educational resource around the world for 15 years, teaching and designing curriculum and certification programs. Dariush currently holds several certifications from Autodesk and is a V-Ray Licensed Trainer. In addition, Dariush has been publishing tutorials, articles, and computer hardware reviews on Maya for over fifteen years in print and online publications as Post Magazine and PostPerspective.com.

As a pipeline, lighting, and production consultant, Dariush has helped numerous production studios such as JibJab Studios (Los Angeles, Ca.), Square Enix (Tokyo), Mandoo Pictures (Venice, Ca.), and Digital Frontier (Tokyo).

Dariush is a member of the Visual Effects Society and has won a London Advertising Award for commercial effects, is a multiple recipient of the Telly and Addy Awards, has won the Bronze Plaque from the Columbus Film Festival, and is a proud VES Awards nominee.

Dariush is bald and has flat feet.