Michael Donaldson

Michael Donaldson has been fighting for independent filmmakers for over 40 years. He helped draft the Rome Resolution to start the process of harmonizing copyright law across the European Union. He has obtained exemptions to the U.S. Copyright Act so that documentary filmmakers can rip DVDs and Blue Rays in order to obtain material to use in their films pursuant to the doctrine of fair use. He lectures and teaches at film schools across America, in Europe (10 years at The Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam, five years for the Talent Campus at the Berlin Film Festival, and at the Cannes Film Festival) in Asia (China and Singapore), Cuba, Australia and New Zealand. He has participated with the AFS in 2015 in Ukraine and in Zimbabwe in 2016. His book Clearance and Copyright is used as a text in about 50 film schools in America. Michael also authored Negotiating for Dummies (translated into eleven languages), and Fearless Negotiating, which are the basis for half day negotiating seminars that have proven very useful to filmmakers. Aside from his writing, Michael lectures frequently at law schools across the United States including Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, USC and many others.