Andrea Meditch

Andrea is founder and president of Back Allie Entertainment, which provides creative production services to films, festivals, media companies and universities. She regularly conducts half-day to three day workshops and master classes on story development, creative producing, pitch training, and the basics of international financing and release strategies. She continues to serve as a creative producer for films, last year releasing The Sensitives and The Cage Fighter. Previously, she won an Emmy for Dangerous Acts, executive-produced the Oscar-winning Man On Wire, Oscar-nominated Encounters at the End of the World, and short-listed BUCK. She also EP’d or produced Grizzly Man, In the Shadow of the Moon, The Killer Within, Doubletime and The Flight That Fought Back, among others. Before starting her own company, Andrea held executive and creative positions at Discovery and National Geographic for more than fifteen years, including building the first Discovery Films. She also created a model for a new center for creative non-fiction storytelling at Michigan State University. Andrea is a mentor for the Sundance Producer Labs, as well as an advisor to the Points North non-fiction storyteller retreats and the Hot Docs Forum. Andrea holds a PhD in Linguistic Anthropology with a concentration in media and a BS degree in communications from Northwestern University.