Geeta V. Patel

Emmy-nominated writer/director Geeta V. Patel is known for her emotional, form-pushing, and nontraditional style in both comedy and drama.

Geeta is writer/director of the upcoming martial art/political thriller entitled MOUSE, produced by Grant Hill (THE MATRIX, TREE OF LIFE), choreography by Jeff Imada (FIGHT CLUB, BOURNE IDENTITY) and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Geeta and her brother, Ravi, are writer/directors of the upcoming Fox Searchlight feature film UNTITLED PATEL PROJECT, which will be adapted from their Emmy-nominated film, MEET THE PATELS.

MEET THE PATELS (ITVS/Tribeca) was nominated for an Emmy in 2017. The film premiered theatrically in 2015 and was Executive Produced by Academy Award Winner Geralyn Dreyfous.

In television, Geeta has directed episodes of SURVIVOR’S REMORSE, THE MICK, THE MINDY PROJECT, SUPERSTORE, FRESH OFF THE BOAT, SPEECHLESS, CHAMPIONS, and ATYPICAL. She previously directed second-unit on the Wachowski’s Netflix series SENSE 8.

Geeta made her directorial debut with the award-winning Sundance/ITVS documentary war thriller, PROJECT KASHMIR, which led to directing fellowships at both the Sundance and Tribeca Institutes.

Geeta began her career as an Associate Screenwriter on big-budget studio films in all stages, ranging from original work to production re-writes. She has worked with Disney, Universal Pictures, ABC, NBC, and Twentieth Century Fox on a range of films including THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and BLUE CRUSH.

A graduate in Comparative Area Studies at Duke University, Geeta’s background in languages and global human geography, along with her interest in stunts/action/dance choreography, inform her work. While studying in Berlin, filmmaker Anthony Minghella inspired her to pursue a career in Storytelling.

Geeta has been a Visiting Artist in Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Japan as part of the U.S. State Department’s film diplomacy program.