Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

Filmmaker: Midge Costin
Runtime: 94 min

Synopsis: Directed by veteran Hollywood sound editor Midge Costin, the film reveals the hidden power of sound in cinema, introduces us to the unsung heroes who create it, and features insights from legendary directors with whom they collaborate.

Featuring the insights and stories of iconic directors such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Barbra Streisand, Ang Lee, Sofia Coppola and Ryan Coogler, working with sound design pioneers–Walter Murch, Ben Burtt and Gary Rydstrom–and the many women and men who followed in their footsteps.


About the Filmmaker

Midge Costin holds the Kay Rose Endowed Chair in the Art of Sound Editing at USC School of Cinematic Arts given by George Lucas in 2005. She has been a feature film sound editor in Hollywood where her work is featured in Oscar-nominated films for Sound Editing, and won the Golden Reel award for Sound Editing on Crimson Tide. She is a past board member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors, a lifelong member of the Editors Guild, and lectures internationally on the transformative power of sound.