Mondays at Racine

Director: Cynthia Wade
Total Running Time: 40 minutes
Release Date: 2012

Tells the story of two sisters who open their salon once a month to women diagnosed with cancer. As daughters themselves of a cancer victim, salon owners Rachel and Cynthia provide their community with haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, but also a safe haven for growth, healing, and discovery of inner strength. Wade not only focuses on the health and family struggles that cancer brings to its victims, but the symbolic strength and importance of a woman’s felt beauty that can be both lost and found. Mondays at Racine is an inspiration to those who are victims of cancer as well as those who are not, a beautifully told story of compassion and the will to overcome.

2012 IFF Boston – Audience Award
2012 Indianapolis Independent Film Festival – Audience Award
2012 Silverdocs – Sterling Short Honorable Mention
2012 IDA Award Nomination – Best Short Documentary

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