Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Total Running Time: 114 minutes
Release Date: 2008

Filmmakers Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden weave this introspective sports drama concerning a talented Dominican baseball player who longs to break into the American big league and earn the money needed to support his impoverished family. Miguel Santos is a talented pitcher who might just have what it takes to earn a prized spot on a Major League Baseball team, but before that happens he’ll have to prove his worth in the minor leagues. Advancing into the United States’ minor league system at the tender age of 19, Miguel is warmly welcomed into the small-town Iowa home of his host family, but can’t help but struggle with language and cultural barriers despite the kindness of strangers. Subsequently forced to reevaluate his life’s ambition after his once-trusty arm becomes unreliable, the previously single-minded pitcher gradually begins to question both the world he lives in and the role he has chosen to play in it. Will he make it to the Majors; will he play in New York?

2010 AFI Awards, USA- Movie of the Year
2009 ESPY- Nominated Best Sports Movie
2009 Independent Spirit Awards- Nominated Best Screenplay
2008 Sundance- Nominated Dramatic
2010 Black Reel Awards- Nominated Outstanding Independent Feature

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