Year One

Filmmaker: Erin Bagwell
Runtime: 31 min

Synopsis: Year One is an award-winning documentary about surviving the first year of motherhood made by new mom and filmmaker Erin Bagwell. In the 30 minute documentary, each scene unfolds like an intimate diary-entry as we hear Erin’s inner thoughts, witness her struggles, and celebrate the a-ha moments as she documents her motherhood journey from pregnancy to her daughter’s first birthday. From feeling abandoned when her partner goes back to work, to finding the courage to seek help with her postpartum depression, and connecting with a community of other mothers – Year One is a story of vulnerability and resilience. But perhaps the most important part of Erin’s motherhood journey is watching her learn how to take care of herself as she learns how to take care of her little girl.

About the Filmmaker

Erin Bagwell is a documentary filmmaker, blogger, and mom. In 2018, Erin started filming her latest documentary, Year One. The film is an intimate look at the first year of motherhood through Erin’s eyes. It addresses the identity shifts, challenges of experiencing postpartum depression, and the everyday extraordinary moments of being a new mom. Erin was named one of Oprah’s SuperSoul100- a list featuring extraordinary individuals that live life intentionally, create great social impact, and bring inspiration to others. She was also featured in Apple’s Behind the Mac campaign highlighting some of the most creative people in Brooklyn.