Year 9 Envoys


Jessie Adler (The Boxers of Brule)

Jon Alpert (All For One)

Nicholas Arioli (Coin Operated)

Moroni Benally (Moroni For President)

Hugo Berkeley (The Jazz Ambassadors)

Layton Blaylock (Community First, A Home For The Homeless)

Seth Boyden (An Object At Rest)

Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas (Pahokee)

Irene Taylor Brodsky (Between Sound and Silence; Homeless: The Soundtrack)

Brendan Canty and Christoph Green (The Liberation)

Ian Chaney (The Most Unknown, Picture Character)

Alison Chernick (Itzhak)

Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas (One Small Step)

Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster (Science Fair)

Abby Davis (That’s My Jazz)

Rachel Dickson, Tracye A. Matthews, and Gordon Quinn (63 Boycott)

Juliane Dressner (Personal Statement)

Paula Eiselt (93 Queen)

Rodney Evans (Vision Portraits)

Laura Green and Anna Moot-Levin (The Providers)

Bill Haney (Breakthrough)

Don Hardy (Fingerprints)

Mark Harris and Deborah Oppenheimer (Foster)

Alan Hicks (Quincy)

Sarah Hillyer (Pat: A Legacy Of Love)

Alex Horwitz (Autonomy)

Kristi Jacobson and Roger Ross Williams (Take Back The Harbor)

Susan Koch (Music Got Me Here)

Kern & Kip Konwiser (Make It Work)

George and Teddy Kunhardt (King In The Wilderness)

Kristen Lappas (Who Says I Can’t)

Yiying Li (Love and Loss)

Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer (The Dawn Wall)

Cynthia Lowen (Netizens)

Nicholas Ma (Won’t You Be My Neighbor?)

Shaun MacGillivray (America’s Musical Journey)

Ru Mahoney (Sea of Shadows)

Billy McMillin (Mike Wallace Is Here)

Jenifer McShane (Ernie & Joe)

Stanley Nelson (Miles Davis: Birth Of the Cool)

Gabe Polsky (In Search of Greatness)

Jenna Ricker (Qualified)

Sally Rubin and Ashley York (Hillbilly)

Floyd Russ (Zion)

Martha Shane (Picture Character)

Denali Tiller (Tre Maison Dasan)

Jennifer Trainer (Museum Town)

Dawn Valadez (The Pushouts)

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee (Earthrise)

Fernando Villena (Any One Of Us)

Roger Ross Williams (The Apollo)

Dyana Winkler and Tina Brown (United Skates)