A Poet’s Alzheimer’s (Short)

Director: Alan Berliner
Total Running Time: 20 minutes
Release Date: 2010
Website: http://www.alanberliner.com/index.html

Over the course of four years, the filmmaker visits his cousin, friend and mentor; poet and translator Edwin Honig, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Chapter by chapter, Berliner shows us a man who, now in his nineties, finds himself in the grip of major memory and language loss. A man who cannot remember the person he once was. Patiently, he interviews Honig, perseveres, rewords questions, and tackles the falsehoods. From the comfort of his armchair, Berliner’s handsome and dignified counterpart shows some moments of lucidity and consciousness. Despite being unable to cling to a single memory (“I remember what I’ve forgotten and I forget what I’ve remembered”), Honig, poet of the past, still retains a sense of humor and rhythm, of words and harmony.