Catharine Axley (Attla)

V. Scott Balcerek (Satan and Adam)

Eleanor Blake (Breaking and Entering)

Renae Bluitt (She Did That)

Nicolas Brown (The Serengeti Rules)

Lisa Cortés and Farah X (The Remix)

Midge Costin (Making Waves)

Joseph DeRose (Space or Nothing)

Mickey Duzyj (Losers)

Luther Clement and Shuhan Fan (Stay Close)

Justin Feltman and Razi Jafri (Hamtramck, USA)

Bill Gallagher (Runner)

Alex Gibney (The Inventor)

Jenni Gold (Cinemability)

Tucker Gragg and Austin Gardner (Feel of Vision)

Davis Guggenheim (Inside Bill’s Brain)

Suzannah Herbert and Lauren Belfer (Wrestle)

Jonathan Hock (The Dominican Dream)

I Never Picked Cotton Team

Carolyn Jones (In Case of Emergency)

Ross Kauffman (Tigerland)

Greg Kohs (Hometown)

Susan Lacy (Very Ralph)

James Lebrecht and Nicole Newnham (Crip Camp)

Liza Mandelup (Jawline)

Laurence Mathieu-Leger (Willie)

Jan Millsapps (Madame Mars)

Sarah Moshman (Nevertheless)

Laura Nix (Walk Run Cha-Cha)

Mike Olcott (These Divers…)

Allison Otto and Maria Clinton (The Love Bugs)

Ben Proudfoot (Beautifully Savage)

Joshua Riehl (The Russian Five)

Jeffrey Roth (President in Waiting)

Oren Rudavsky (Joseph Pulitzer)

Jenny Schweitzer (Girls in Chess, The Magic of Chess)

Elan and Jonathan Bogarin, Arianna LaPenne, Gandja Monteiro (Search On)

Innbo Shim and Tom Yellin (When Lambs Become Lions)

Robert Stone (Chasing the Moon)

Barna Szász and Ellie Wen (Share)

Irene Taylor Brodsky (Moonlight Sonata)

Michael Tolajian (Q Ball)

Claudia Woloshin (Abstract: Art of Design)

Treva Wurmfeld (Conscience Point)