Paco de Onís

Paco de Onís grew up in several Latin American countries during a time of dictatorships. He is the executive director and executive producer of Skylight, a nonprofit dedicated to creating feature-length documentary films and digital media tools that advance awareness of human rights and the quest for justice by implementing multi-year outreach campaigns designed to engage, educate, and activate social change. One of these long-term strategies is Skylight SolidariLabs (, a program designed to disseminate Skylight’s innovative model for creating human rights media ecosystems in conjunction with committed media makers, artists, technologists, and movement organizations, with the aim of building enduring networks of 21st century human rights practitioners. Paco’s film producing credits include “500 YEARS”, “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator”, “Rebel Citizen” “Disruption”, “State of Fear”, and “The Reckoning”.