Brook Holston

Brook Holston is producer from Atlanta, Georgia. You know the type. Sweet-peach smile, soft southern drawl… backed by an iron fist to get things delivered on time, on budget. Or else.

Her years of experience on doc and film productions have honed her mad skills in budgeting, scheduling and logistics. The myriad of details required in getting film crews and tons of equipment to the right place at the right time is what drives Brook. Whether that’s on cars, trains, planes, helicopters, and boats (both underwater and over).

Brook has most recently supervised feature length documentaries including “Toxic Hot Seat” for HBO, “The Game Changers” premiering at Sundance 2018, “Paper Tigers” currently streaming, and “The Campaign” on PBS. She previously worked on television documentaries that have aired on National Geographic Television, Discovery, BBC, HBO and PBS including Shark Week’s Great White Highway, Strange Days On Planet Earth, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures and National Geographic Explorer.

While not juggling the creation of award winning work, Brook enjoys sipping Gin and Tonics on her deck in Sausalito with her husband and very loving cat, Ginger. FYI, she loosens her iron fist with the cat and spoils her rotten.