Aaron Benay

Aaron Benay is a film and TV writer, who with his brother Matthew, has scripted the next installment of Disney’s popular ​National Treasure​ franchise. Among other features, Benay has written ​1906​, an epic about the Great San Francisco Earthquake, for Oscar-winning director Brad Bird. He has also scripted a tale about America’s first serial killer for Leonardo DiCaprio.

In TV, Benay has written pilots including​ The Sector​, a sci-fi series for legendary filmmaker Takashi Miike. In China, he has adapted ​Journey to the West​, one of the Four Great Classic Novels, for DreamWorks.

Benay is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has lectured at UCLA, where he has judged the graduate thesis pitch competition.

Benay graduated from Duke University with a concentration in East Asia and a Certificate in Asian & African Languages & Literature. He also graduated from Stanford’s Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies and Yokohama’s prestigious Inter-University Center.

Benay is a longtime member of the Writers Guild of America. He serves on numerous alumni and LGBTQ+ committees. In addition to Japanese, he has formally studied French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Benay is an avid traveler and has visited over 40 countries and counting.