Izzy Chan

Izzy Chan is a storyteller deeply curious about cultural and social trends poised to change life as we know it. Her award-winning documentary feature on the rise of breadwinner moms and at-home dads, “The Big Flip—Stories from the Modern Home Front” (2016), premiered at the Austin Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and was featured in the 2017-2019 American Film Showcase. As a film envoy, Izzy has traveled to Egypt, China, and Ukraine to conduct workshops on storytelling and strategy.After graduating magna cum laude with a double degree in Cinematic Arts and French from the University of Southern California, Izzy built a successful advertising career as a researcher and strategist. She leveraged her insights into human behavior, social trends, and popular culture in her work on brands such as Apple, Google, Nike, Honda, Audi, Virgin America, and Visa. Brought up in Hong Kong and Singapore, Izzy’s creative process integrates her cross-cultural background, experience across diverse industries, and her passion for filmmaking and storytelling as tools for instigating understanding, action, and change. Izzy is currently working on Matriarch, a documentary series set in four matriarchal communities: the Minangkabau in Indonesia, the Mosuo in China, the Tuaregs in Africa, and the Khasi in India. Find out more at matriarch.world.