Beginning With The End

Director: David Marshall
Year: 2014
Running Time: 58 minutes

At the beginning of a new school year, a group of high school seniors gather for an elective class simply called “Hospice.” As a society we are not always comfortable with topics like aging or death and especially not when in the presence of young people. Most of these students have never had an intimate encounter with death, let alone tending to strangers who are at the threshold of death and none of the students have any idea what to expect from the class. Yet they have agreed to spend what turns out to be a life-changing year volunteering as caregivers for the dying. It will be a year of beginnings and endings in a class filled with tears, laughs and hope. Ultimately it is an important step in their journey of self-discovery and an awakening to the true power and meaning of life.

SXSW Documentary Competition – Official Selection
Greentopia Film Festival – Official Selection
San Francisco Jewish Festival – Official Selection
Cinema St-Louis – – Official Selection
Melbourne Human Rights Arts and Film Festival – Official Selection

Beginning With The End
Beginning With The End
Beginning With The End