Bible Quiz

Director: Nicole Teeny
Year: 2013
Running Time: 76 minutes

Mikayla is just like any other normal seventeen-year-old girl with a crush; except unlike other girls, Mikayla has over 2,000 Bible verses memorized and that the object of her affection is her Bible Quiz team captain JP. Bible Quiz challenges stereotypes and portrays an even-handed look at religion in these teen’s lives as they explore faith, identity, sexuality and competition at one of the most unique summits in evangelical America today.

2013 Slamdance Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary
2013 United Film Festival San Francisco – Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary
2013 Big Muddy Film Festival – Best Documentary
2013 Churches Making Movies Film Festival – Nominated for Best Documentary
2013 Tacoma Film Festival – Local Audience Award
2013 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival – Emerging Filmmaker Popcorn Award
2014 Spokane International Film Festival – Silver SpIFFy Award for Documentary
2014 Spokane International Film Festival – Most Promising Filmmaker Award