Concrete, Steel and Paint

Directors: Cindy Burstein & Tony Heriza
Year: 2009
Running Time: 55 minutes

Concrete, Steel and Paint tells the complex story of men in prison, victims of crime, and an artistic partnership that helps break down barriers between them. As prisoners, victims, and victim advocates collaborate on a mural about healing from crime, their views on punishment, remorse and forgiveness collide, sometimes harshly. But as the project progresses, mistrust begins to give way to surprising moments of human contact and common purpose. The project challenges both sides to recognize and respect each other’s essential humanity and worth – a small, but significant step toward a more healing and restorative form of justice. In telling this story, the film raises important questions about crime, justice and reconciliation – and dramatically illustrates the power of art as a catalyst to facilitate dialogue about these difficult issues.

2011 – Peace on Earth Film Festival – Winner: Best Documentary
2011 – Hearts and Minds Film Festival – Winner: Director’s Award
2011 – Big Muddy Film Festival – Winner: John Michaels Award for Social Justice
2011 – New Hope Film Festival – Winner: Cultural Spirit Award
2009 – Talking Pictures Film Festival – Honorable Mention: Documentary

Concrete, Steel and Paint
Concrete, Steel and Paint