Deeper Than Black (Short)

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Filmmaker: Sean Addo
Year: 2013
Running Time: 23 minutes

Deeper Than Black, a first-person documentary short, offers a visceral and intimate exploration into the questions asked by many second-generation children of immigrant parents in the United States: “Who am I, and where do I belong?” Ghanaian-American filmmaker Sean Addo has burdened the pressures of cultural duality since his birth in America. How do we identify? It is an important human desire to want to identify as, or with, a social group. As a product of the influence of the African American and Ghanaian cultures, Sean Addo finds himself floating between both groups, while not feeling completely accepted by either. This documentary is a personal journey that chronicles Sean’s search for an understanding of his own Ethnic identity, as well as his attempt at gaining total acceptance from either of the two cultural groups.

Deeper Than Black
Deeper Than Black
Deeper Than Black