Heroes From The Storm

Filmmaker: Ben Steinbauer

Runtime: 10 min

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey changed Texas history forever. One of the costliest storms in U.S. history, it laid waste to entire communities along the Gulf coast. The rains that followed drenched Houston, and rivers and streams throughout the Eastern part of the state overflowed their bounds. It was a storm, and then a flood, like few others.

And yet, almost as soon as it brought its terrible destructive power to Texas, it unleashed something else, as well. Texans throughout the affected areas immediately showed their generosity, inventiveness, and bravery. Neighbors helped neighbors; strangers helped strangers. Ordinary people became heroes overnight.

“Heroes From the Storm,” is a portrait of five ordinary people who rose to the occasion and became extraordinary in the face of Hurricane Harvey.

About The Filmmaker

Ben Steinbauer is a filmmaker who made his feature directing debut with the award-winning comedy documentary, Winnebago Man, which was released theatrically in the US and Canada. Michael Moore called it “One of the funniest documentaries ever made!” and Roger Ebert named it one of his favorite documentaries of 2010. Steinbauer was named by Texas Monthly as one of Texas’ directors to watch, holds a masters degree from the University of Texas and is the recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Award for Filmmaking. He has made dozens of short films that have played festivals around the world, is co-owner of the Austin based, Emmy award-winning production company, The Bear, and has directed commercials for clients including Crate & Barrel, Shiner Beer, and Yeti.