I’ll Push You

Filmmakers: Chris Karcher, Terry Parish

Runtime: 98 min

Living with a neuromuscular disease, Justin Skeesuck proposes the impossible to lifelong-friend, Patrick Gray: to make a pilgrimage across the 500-mile trail known as El Camino de Santiago, and do it in his wheelchair. Though Patrick enthusiastically commits with three little words, “I’ll Push You,” neither would realize the ways they would be challenged by the experience. This feature-length documentary is an up-close and personal look at their journey, as well as a look into the character of these two friends. Featuring perspectives from family, friends and fellow pilgrims, the 35-day struggle across mountains, deserts, hills, and valleys explores the relationship between the progression of Justin’s disease and the transformation of Patrick’s outlook on life. Paired with beautiful landscapes and a poignant musical track – their story is an inspiring example of brotherly love and our collective need to allow others to lend us support.

About The Filmmakers

I’ll Push You is the debut of directorial team Chris Karcher and Terry Parish. This feature-length documentary reflects their goal to share inspiring and hopeful stories about real people navigating real-life struggles. As the co-founders of emota, inc. – a video agency based in San Diego, California – they have written, directed and produced hundreds of videos and online content for American brands like Blue Buffalo, Charlotte Russe, Citrix, Dockers, eBay, Levi’s, Petco, Qualcomm, Sony and Tempur-Pedic since 2009. When not at work, Chris is a husband and proud father of four children. And Terry serves his community with work done with local non-profits, like transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project, the American Red Cross, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Mama’s Kitchen.