The Liberation

Filmmakers: Christoph Green, Brendan Canty
Trailer: Watch on Vimeo
Runtime: 100 min

Washington DC, Just three blocks from the Capitol, in the basement of a homeless shelter. Twenty five recovering addicts, former drug dealers, recently released felons, and homeless men and women are in the Culinary Training Program of DC Central Kitchen. This film follows three of those students through the three month rigorous program in pursuit of their own liberation: Michael, recently released from a 22 year prison term is so desperately institutionalized he may never leave the four walls in his head. Wanda, an older mother of two, cannot escape the guilt that comes from her years as a neglectful crack addict. Vishawn, a young former coke dealer out of prison a second time, has two small children counting on him. And finally, running the program, is Marianne Ali, a hero of a survivor who knows the tricks and pitfalls of recovery. We see in her beautiful persona the deliverance promised from the streets that our students are so desperate to realize.

About the Filmmakers

Director Christoph Green has been a major force in DC for over 19 years in the world of television design and filmmaking. He co- founded Trixie Film in 2004 with Brendan Canty. He has co- produced and directed a long list of music-related films for artists such as Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, The Shins and Wilco. In addition to their documentary film work, they have produced many nationally recognized commercials, public service campaigns and corporate and non-profit branding campaigns.

Brendan played in Fugazi for 15 years, from it’s inception in ’87 to it’s hiatus in ’02. He’s also played in Rites of Spring, Deadline, One Last Wish, Happy Go Licky, Bob Mould, Deathfix, and currently in Super! Silver! Haze!, and The Messthetics. He produced records for Ted Leo, The Thermals, the Make Up, and others. He is the composer on dozens of hours of television and films. He’s performed live score to films with the great filmmakers Sam Green and Brent Green. He recently composed the score for Frank Serpico, directed by Antonino D’Ambrosio, and is working on the feature DC Noir, by George Pelecanos.

Christoph and Brendan made many films together, working with bands such as Wilco, Pearl Jam, the Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, and many others on concert films and docs. They made multiple editions of Burn to Shine, documenting scenes of musicians in different cities in houses that are being demolished. The Liberation marks a decidedly different and exciting turn for them.