The Prosecutors

Filmmaker: Leslie Thomas

Runtime: 87 min

The Prosecutors is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of three dedicated lawyers who fight to ensure that rape in war is not met with impunity. Filmed over five years on three continents, it takes viewers from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Colombia on the long journey towards justice.

For too long, crimes of conflict-related sexual violence has been considered collateral damage in war. When they are recognized, they are often dismissed as too hard to prosecute, and survivors and their communities are frequently denied access to justice. The Prosecutors challenges that narrative by illustrating the hard-won progress that lawyers Amani, Jasmin, and Sandra, make towards justice in areas where, only a short time ago, no legal framework existed. Our protagonists toil away gathering evidence that is often fragmented and sometimes lost in regions torn apart by war. They do their best to prepare traumatized witnesses and their testimonies in the face of life-threatening risks for all involved. The Prosecutors will show audiences that the crucial next step in changing the culture and practice of sexual violence in conflict is not just to make prosecution possible, but expected.

About The Filmmaker

Leslie Thomas is a first-time feature-length documentary director, an architect, Emmy-award winning art director, the founder of ART WORKS Projects, and a mom. Leslie’s multi-media projections and exhibitions have toured globally in museums, cultural centers, and civic buildings on five continents. She is a graduate of Columbia University and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She serves on the board of ART WORKS Projects and Congo Kids Initiative and is a proud member of the Friends of Galileo Math and Science Academy, a Chicago Public School. Leslie’s work has toured globally and been the recipient of grants from The National Endowment for the Arts, the MacArthur Foundation, Humanity United, and the Open Society Foundations. She is committed to the use of art and design for public good.