Racing Extinction

Film Representative: Gina Papabeis, Co-Producer
Filmmaker: Louie Psihoyos
Runtime: 94 minutes

Oscar®-winning director Louie Psihoyos (THE COVE) assembles a team of artists and activists on an undercover operation to expose the hidden world of endangered species and the race to protect them against mass extinction. Spanning the globe to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous black markets and using high tech tactics to document the link between carbon emissions and species extinction, RACING EXTINCTION reveals stunning, never-before seen images that truly change the way we see the world.

About The Producer

GinaGina Papabeis is the Co-Producer of Racing Extinction, the highly anticipated follow-up film from OPS, the Academy Award®- winning team behind The Cove. The film follows a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction. Gina began working with the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) during the release of The Cove, managing the day-to-day operations of the organization and coordinating the outreach campaign for the film. Before OPS, Gina worked as a Projects Manager on the grassroots promotion of a dozen independent films at Red Hills Releasing, LLC, including 500 Days of Summer, JCVD and The English Surgeon. She is a graduate of Florida State University’s Film School, where she gained on-set experience in various crew positions on over 30 short films. Gina also has a minor in Biology and is gratified by marrying her passion for nature with film.