Reengineering Sam

Runtime: 82 min

Sam Schmidt lived out his boyhood dream as an IndyCar racer, winning races and earning the title of IndyCar “Rookie of the Year” along the way. That dream came to an abrupt end when Sam crashed into a wall at 200 miles per hour, leaving him a quadriplegic. Reengineering SAM pulls the curtain back and shows up close the serious implications of a life of paralysis on Sam and everyone around him.

Sam’s accident rendered him physically helpless, never being able to brush his teeth, much less drive again, until a dedicated group of some of the brightest minds today stepped up to build him a car that he could drive, using only his head. Through groundbreaking adaptive technologies, Reengineering SAM chronicles Sam Schmidt’s inspirational road back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and shows the promise of freedom and mobility for almost anyone confined to a wheelchair.

About The Filmmaker

Brian Malone is a six-time Emmy®-Award winning filmmaker, editor, and composer. Malone has been making national and regional documentary films for almost 20 years. His programs have aired nationally on PBS and cable networks, covering political issues, public education, Grammy-Award-Winning recording artists, environmental issues, and Native American culture.