Spinning Plates

Director: Joseph Levy
Year: 2012
Running Time: 93 minutes

Spinning Plates is a documentary about three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible people who bring them to life. A world-renowned chef competes for the ultimate restaurant prize in Chicago, while privately battling a life-threatening condition. A 150-year-old restaurant in Iowa is still standing only because of an unbreakable bond with the community. And a fledgling Mexican restaurant in Tucson struggles as its owners risk everything to survive and provide for their young daughter. Their unforgettable stories of family, legacy, passion and survival come together to reveal how meaningful food can be, and the power it has to connect us to one another.

2013 Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Audience Choice Award Best Feature
2013 Maui Film Festival – Audience Award Best Documentary
2012 Naples International Film Festival – Audience Award
2012 Austin Film Festival – Audience Award Best Documentary
2013 Vali Film Festival – Best Documentary