These Divers Search…

Filmmaker: Mike Olcott
AFS Representatives: Tiffany McNeil, Mike Olcott, Tara Roberts
Runtime: 18 min

Synopsis: It’s been 400 years since the first enslaved Africans set foot in present day America. In this short film, meet a group of vibrant scuba divers determined to find, document and positively identify slave shipwrecks. In the process, they’re also discovering deep connections to their ancestry.


About the Filmmaker

Mike Olcot is an award-winning producer of short-form video and documentary films. Since 2015, he’s led a prolific digital team at National Geographic creating content in support of the NG Society, NG Channel, Kids, Education and Brand Marketing teams. Television work includes Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina on PBS, America’s Wildest Roads on Travel Channel, and The Great Build chronicling the construction of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever cultural center. Whether writing sizzle reels tailored to social media or researching a long-form documentary for worldwide broadcast, Mike’s experience follows his passions – encompassing a diverse set of subjects including conservation, science journalism, and popular culture.