Jie Li (China)

Li Jie considers herself as a cross-cultural communicator. She has spent over ten years reporting front-line for Phoenix TV in Hong Kong and Beijing, and as a researcher and producer for The Washington Post, Forbes and American Broadcasting Company. She was among the curating team of the China Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. She also curated the exhibition in Beijing featuring the first cooperation of German artists Alexander Kluge and Gerhard Richter. It was the experience of running an art center that prompted her to look more into new models and solutions for sustaining social impact. Li Jie now writes stories on social innovation. Working with Doc Society in UK, she also helps promote impact film in China, using documentary to amplify the social impact of visual story telling. Li Jie holds a Master of Journalism from University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of International Journalism from Communication University of China. She has spent time in Singapore, the United States and Germany on different fellowships.

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