Mike Carlo

Mike Carlo is a New York based Director, animator and designer. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a major in traditional animation, Mike has been a working artist for over ten years with clients and employers for both N.Y. and L.A. He has worked in various facets of animation including advertising, television, and feature films as a Director, Designer, Animation Director and Writer.

Currently on staff at the N.Y. branch of the country’s largest independent animation studio, Titmouse Inc. where he works as an in-house director for various professional projects, as well as writing and direct personal projects.

Recent credits include: Writer Storyboard artist for a 2017 feature film “Wish Police”, Director and designer of the Intro to IFC’s upcoming T.V. series “Comedy Crib”, as well as directing promotional animations for Cartoon Networks adult swim.

With upcoming directing work for CN’s series “Uncle Grandpa” and promotional design and animation for Nickelodeon’s 25th anniversary of “Ren and Stimpy”