Carolyn Jones

Carolyn JonesCarolyn Jones is a photographer and filmmaker who is passionate about telling stories that shed light on pressing global issues. She started out as a fashion photographer, participated as both a driver and photojournalist in the Paris Dakar rally across the Sahara, and ultimately found her home in documentary storytelling. She has published five books, including Living Proof: Courage in the Face of AIDS, which became a traveling exhibition with shows in Tokyo, Berlin, across the U.S., and at the United Nations World AIDS Conference. She directed a television series for the Oxygen network celebrating women artisans, and directed a PBS documentary about what gets passed down through generations of families. Carolyn founded the 100 People Foundation, a non-profit that creates educational films for students worldwide. She has spent the last four years interviewing nurses from all over the country for the book and documentary film The American Nurse, which she hopes will provoke audiences to think differently about their health and healthcare and reflect on the universality of caring for others.

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