Corey Tong

Corey Tong is a filmmaker, producer, writer and photographer. He is also a creative consultant for film festivals/exhibitions programming, co-productions, sales/acquisitions, public relations, representation and frequently curates, presents film and cultural programs. Corey is a producer of Emmy-nominated FOREVER, CHINATOWN (USA, 2016, doc; PBS); exec producer of Oscar®-nominated, Emmy-winning LAST DAY OF FREEDOM (USA, 2015, doc); producer of the drama THE LAND HAS EYES (Fiji-USA, 2005; Sundance); producer of BEYOND THE TEAM (USA, 2013, doc); consulting producer on documentaries DEFENDER (2017), POINT OF NO RETURN (2017), LOVE BOAT TAIWAN (2019); currently in production on HK DOC working title (Hong Kong/France/US), HER EXCELLENCY (Taiwan/US). Projects in development include a drama series set in Shanghai; a doc series focused on indigenous Pacific Islander culture and several other international co-productions. He regularly advises, speaks, serves on juries at festivals such as DocEdge FF and Industry Forum (New Zealand), ABS-CBN’s Cinematografo (US/Philippines); Hawaii; LAAPFF; Larsen Assoc Film PR, is the former director of the San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Fest (CAAMFest), former IFFCON director of special projects, co-production markets HAF (Hong Kong); PPP (Pusan). He works frequently with filmmakers, distributors, festivals, markets/exhibitors in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, and New Zealand. Corey was born and raised in Hawaii, has worked throughout the US Pacific NW, in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Jerusalem, New York, and is now based in San Francisco and Honolulu.