Terri Kopp

Terri is the Creator and Showrunner of IN CONTEMPT, a show about Public Defenders, on BET. She is also currently a Writer/Consulting Producer on Fox’s PROVEN INNOCENT.

Terri began her career as a criminal defense attorney in New York City. While she thoroughly enjoyed sticking her finger in the eye of the government, she enjoyed writing even more. Her very first script landed her an overall deal with Warner Brothers and John Wells Productions, where she was a writer on TRINITY and THIRD WATCH, both on NBC. She then transitioned to writing and producing LAW & ORDER. After a multi-season tenure there, she wrote and produced for a number of new shows, including HAWAII on NBC and KAREN SISCO on ABC. She then served as a writer and Co-Executive Producer and Consulting Producer on IN JUSTICE and JUSTICE on ABC and FOX respectively. Most recently, Terri was a Writer/Consulting Producer on REBEL, John Singleton’s series for BET.  In the summer and fall of 2018 she was a Writer/Co-Executive Producer on the second season of Showtime’s THE CHI.